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Paint Correction

We can professionally remove remove swirl marks,light scratches,
holograms, marring, etching and other defects from paintwork

*We can provide bookings for single or multiple vehicles in the same session.
Paint Correction
Time: 16+ hours
(Approximate timescale.)

* Timescales based on one operative

From just £349

What do we do?
Our professional paint correction services remove swirl marks, light scratches, holograms, marring, etching and other defects from your bodywork.

Before this we give your vehicle a full wash, remove external contaminents and dry to make sure it is prept for our paint correction services.

Finally we give your vehicle a polish, glaze enhancement coating and sealent to protect your paintwork from future damage.    

We then finish off the job by cleaning and polishing the rest of your vehicle to a high standard.    
Core Service Breakdown
  • Two Stage Paint Correction
    Exterior paintwork is machine polished to remove defects.
  • Full Exterior Wash & Dry
    Snow foam wash, 2 bucket grit guard wash, fresh water rinse and dry.
  • Tar and Glue Removal
    Paintwork and trims are treated to remove tar and glue deposits.
  • Clay Treatment
    Paintwork is treated with a clay to remove surface contaminants.
  • Exterior Paintwork Cleanse
    Exterior paintwork is cleaned removing remaining contaminants.
  • Paintwork Sealent
    Choice of Wax or Nano sealent.
Additional Services Included
  • Wheels Cleaned
    Wheels are cleaned using soft brushes and dried with microfibre.
  • Wheel Arches Cleaned
    Wheel arches are cleaned removing contaminents and then treated.
  • Alloy Wheels Sealed
    Alloy wheels waxed by hand to protect from brake dust, tar and traffic film.
  • Tyres Dressed
    Tyres dressed to a tasteful long life high-gloss finish.
  • Door & Boot Shuts Cleaned
    Removing traces of dirt, grease and transport wax.
  • Exterior Trim Cleaned & Dressed
    Exterior trim cleaned and dressed to a tasteful gloss finish.
  • Metalwork Polished
    Trims, badges and exhausts cleaned and polished.
  • Filler Cap Cleaned
    Fuel filling area cleaned.
  • All Glass Polished
    Interior & Exterior glass cleaned including mirrors.
  • Glass Treated with Rain Repellant
    All glass and mirrors treated.
  • Glass Treated with anti-fog solution
    All interior glass treated to eliminate fogging.
How paint correction works
Paint correction is a process that removes swirl marks, light scratches, holograms, marring, etching and other various defects from the paintwork. The process is relatively simple but labour intense and highly skilled. Paint thickness is measured in microns and by polishing away “cutting” even just 1 or 2 microns the paint surface can be re-levelled producing in most cases a better than new finish. With the use of a polishing machine, foam pads and cutting compounds the paint is intensely polished removing these imperfections panel by panel and once the paint is re-levelled, light is left to reflect evenly across the surface producing a flawless shine without the common imperfections usually caused by poor maintenance.
After the paint is corrected it is sealed, in most cases with a hard wax, to produce further depth and add full protection from traffic film, acid rain, bird droppings, UV rays and other various contaminants. Adding a wax also helps the vehicle look cleaner for longer between washes as the protective
coating makes dirt and traffic film hard to stick to the paint surface and being able to wash the vehicle less frequent will help reduce the risk of
introducing swirl marks and produce a more economic result. Paint correction is far less expensive than what paintwork from a body shop would be and would not decrease the value of the vehicle due to unoriginal paintwork.

As all paint types and colours vary, we can assess the vehicle and give an in depth consultation upon request. This application will require an
assessment before any work is carried out. All assessments & quotations are free of charge. If you have any questions, queries or simply need some advice please do not hesitate to contact us using the details provided on our contact page.   
In this example, scratches have been made to both the
Clear Coat and Base Coat levels of the paint work.
In this example, we can see that the paint has been releveled
in order to remove scratches made to the clear coat.

*Note in order to remove scratches made to a deeper level
of paint work, you should take your vehicle to a  body shop
in order to have the lower level paint work repaired.
We are able to provide Paint Correction to Clear Coat level damage only. If the scratch is deeper, we will advise that you take your vehicle to a body repair shop to have the lower levels repaired.
*Our store stocks paint correction products, please see our store or get in touch if you would like to purchase these.
Maintenance Packages

Whatever your lifestyle and wherever your car may take you Diamond Autocare Ltd can maintain the appearance of your vehicle on a scheduled basis. Whether it’s a basic tidy up after the dogs and kids or your looking to keep your paint gleaming after a correction detail we can tailor our service to exactly what your car needs. Prices vary.

Or if you want to wash and polish at your leisure you can find everything you need right here in our online shop. Just remember to keep it clean!

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